Helldivers 2 Pelican Extraction Shuttle Ornament


Capture the Cosmos: Helldivers 2 Pelican Extraction Shuttle Ornament

Ignite your imagination and bring a slice of interstellar bravery to your living room with the Helldivers 2 Pelican Extraction Shuttle Ornament. Perfect for collectors and gaming enthusiasts alike, this meticulously crafted piece captures the essence of the iconic extraction shuttle from the beloved Helldivers 2 game. Witness the attention to detail and quality that make this ornament not just a decorative item, but a portal to a universe of adventure.

Perfect Display of Craftsmanship

Intricate Design Details: From its sleek, aerodynamic wings to the detailed cockpit, every element of the Pelican Extraction Shuttle has been recreated with precision. The ornament’s design reflects the shuttle’s robust and utilitarian nature, making it a standout piece.

High-Quality Materials: Constructed from durable, high-grade resin, this ornament ensures longevity and resistance to wear. The hand-painted finish adds a unique touch, highlighting its dynamic contours and battle-worn markings.

A Must-Have for Gamers and Collectors

Nostalgic Value: Owning the Pelican Extraction Shuttle Ornament is like holding a piece of Helldivers 2 history. It’s a tangible connection to the thrilling gameplay and heroic moments experienced in the game.

Versatile Decoration: Whether it’s showcased on a shelf, desk, or as part of a larger gaming memorabilia display, this ornament enhances any space. It’s also an excellent conversation starter, intriguing both gamers and non-gamers alike.

Transform Your Space

Inspire and Be Inspired: Let this ornament be a source of inspiration. Every glance at the Pelican Extraction Shuttle can remind you of the teamwork and tactics needed to survive the game’s challenging scenarios.

Perfect Gift Idea: Ideal for the gamer who appreciates art and story, this ornament makes a thoughtful and impressive gift for any occasion.


Silver/Pewter, Black, Bronzed


Kit Unassembled, Assembled


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