Helldivers 2 B-01 Tactical Helmet


Helldivers 2 B-01 Tactical Helmet

Uncompromised Safety: The Ultimate Defense

The Helldivers 2 B-01 Tactical Helmet is engineered for those who refuse to compromise on safety. Built with advanced composite materials, this helmet offers unparalleled protection against impacts and sharpnel. Its rigorous testing under extreme conditions ensures that it meets the highest safety standards. Ideal for tactical operations, outdoor survival, and extreme sports, the B-01 is the go-to choice for adventurers who demand the best in safety technology.

Cutting-Edge Comfort and Fit

Experience comfort that keeps pace with your most demanding adventures. The Helldivers 2 B-01 Tactical Helmet features an adjustable internal harness, providing a custom fit for all-day wearability. Ventilated padding not only enhances breathability but also adds an extra layer of impact absorption. Whether you’re navigating a grueling mission or embarking on a full-day outdoor trek, the B-01 offers a fit so seamless, you’ll forget it’s there.

Tech-Ready Tactical Gear

Designed for the tech-savvy warrior, the Helldivers 2 B-01 Tactical Helmet comes equipped with integrated mounting points for cameras, night vision devices, and communication equipment. This seamless integration extends your capabilities, allowing you to keep your hands free while capturing every moment or coordinating with your team. It’s not just a helmet; it’s your personal command center.

Finished Helmet

Finished/Painted, Raw Print (no paint)


Assembled, Disassembled


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